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DY-5977M - DYMEC SERIAL LINK / 4 Channel / Multimode

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Brief introduction
The DYMEC DY-5977S multiplexing fiber modem can transmit up to 4
separate channels [ RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422] bidirectional signals -over a single.

DY-5977M multi-channel serial to Fiber multiplexer can realize
multi-channel RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 transmission on one optical fiber, which
not only saves fiber resources, but also uses optical fiber as transmission medium,
which has isolated high voltage and anti-electromagnetic Interference, anti-lightning
and other advantages. It is widely used in various industrial control and
industrial automation fields, and is particularly suitable for power system
automation, traffic control and other machinery.

◆RS232/RS422/RS485 conversion, full/half-duplex communication;
◆Signal flow is automatically identified and transparently transmitted;
◆Imported optical transceiver module to ensure the transmission distance;
◆Unique serial protection circuit, hot swappable

◆ST Fiber Port / 1310nm
◆Industrial grade design and all surface mount processes ensure long-term
reliability of the product.

Power: DC 5 ~ 12 Volts

Kit includes: AC Power Supply and Serial Cables

DY-5977M User Manual

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