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ENERGY & Oil Field Production Control - SCADA with DYMEC Networking

Company: JOSH Transportation Systems
Location: Eagle Ford Shale Formation


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Project Introduction

In south Texas the Oil Boom is in full swing. South Texas is where the Eagle Ford Shale formation is located.The town of Cotulla, TX is one of the locations where the drilling of oil and gas is going on night and day.

Oilfield’s require many services and control systems. The area of Eagle Ford Shale is no different. Pumping stations for water, oil, and gas must be monitored and controlled.Video camera’s for safety and security are needed, and must me monitored reliably, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. It was decided that the best solution was to install a fully redundant fiver ring, combined with wireless links, to provide real time monitoring of all oil, and gas production.

DYMEC products were chosen because of their rugged reliability and their use in oil production fields around the world.

Generic System Diagram

System Requirements

  • Oil Wells are linked together for operations, pumping and safety monitoring. This establishes a unique set of challenges since an oilfield can span vast distances with typical locales possessing electrical interference, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, and vibration. This project, located in the far south of Texas, and down to the border of Mexico, all of the equipment needs to have the ability to operate at very hot and dry environment temperatures over +52°C (+125°F).
  • It is imperative to utilize rugged networking devices that support long distance and reliable transmission capabilities. Keeping data protected while communicating from the many oil platforms, safety station, pumps and control valves, is accomplished by utilizing fiber optic Ethernet connections. At the same time, topological requirements and limitations, which are acceptable for conventional networks, become intolerable when designing


The DYMEC Solution

The DYMEC KY-3120DM was chosen for its rugged construction and compact design.The switch has 16 X 10/100/1000Base(T)X ports & 4 X 100/1000Base(X) SFP slots. Compact and low power, the switch has 4 up-links to provide dual redundant rings and lots of bandwidth. Each DYMEC KY-3120DM has 4 up-link ports providing 8 Gigabits of Bidirectional bandwidth.The switch is extremely compact – with the smallest footprint in its class.

Rugged – the switch is rugged engineered, to ignore vibration, dust and electrical dips. Every port is protected against surges and spikes. There is no problem co-locating the switch adjacent to oilfield pumps and motors. Dust, smoke and vapor are no threat to the reliable operation of the DYMEC switch.

The KY-3120DM also comes equipped with Cyber-Secure Video (CSV) and Clean Code Technoloy. The silicon enhancements and cyber secure coding add to the speed, reliability and security of the switch. Designed from the silicon up to guard against viruses, bots and foreign code. The switch provides constant safeguards against network intrusion, hackers and malware.

Easy to install and maintain. Low power consumption means ease of power backup at less cost. 5 Year Warranty. Kyland-USA: Network Security for the 21st Century

  • 4 X Gigabit SFP slots, 16 X 10/100Base-TX
  • Cyber-Secure Video and Clean Code
  • Technology with Silicon Enhancements
  • Supports -Ring protocols and MSTP
  • ACL – Access Control List



  • Operates in harsh industrial environments. EMC industrial level 4, wide operating temperature, dust proof, fan-less design (convection cooled).
  • Outstanding performance, Easy Installation.
    Low operational cost, very low power.
  • Dual DC Input
  • Class 1 Division 2, Hazardous Location (HazLoc)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • SmartNet Free
  • Fast recovery Ring protocol ensures the reliability of the network.
  • Cyber-Secure Video and Clean Code Technology for Network Security and complete port control.
  • 8 X 10/100Base-TX ports and
    2 X 100/1000Base(X) SFP Slots
  • Up-link port supports broadcast storm control and QoS functions
  • EMC performance Industrial level 4
  • Cyber-Secure Video
  • IP40 Ingress protection class