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A Veteran Owned Small Business 

Security & Design for Ethernet OPTICAL CONVERGENCE - We Make Networks Faster & Smarter

DYMEC is an American Industrial supplier of Rugged Outdoor Ethernet packet, optical products and "Connected Cities Applications" that run the world’s largest networks. DYMEC products combine Advanced Asic hardware with intelligent software to make networks smarter, more secure, faster and more economical. We see the worlds most advanced edge computing video analytics - with Unlimited Classification and Artificial Intelligence Self Learning Capabilities

DYMEC is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) Dedicated to the success of our customers and our community. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, DYMEC was founded in 2006 by American Veterans dedicated to the principle of manufacturing in America and helping the community. Our main web site - shows some of the charitable work the company is involved in.  

DYMEC enables municipal network service providers, data center operators and enterprise networks to cost-effectively design and operate their networks. Our Temperature hardened products are used in Traffic, Railway, Security, SCADA, Robotic, Automation, Wireless and Scientific applications.  DYMEC is American Industrial.

DYMEC Ethernet and Optical product lines place the company at the crossroads of changing key metrics

Along with the transformation of outdoor / rugged optical networks, there are four key trends that have been shaping the communications industry:

  • Fan-less - Convection cooled Ethernet Switches that operate -40 ~ +85 C
  • Massive bandwidth requirements, with traffic growth, dominated by video, that drive increased capacity requirements and transmission speeds (10 Gigabit)
  • Need for IP 40, Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Area products
  • Users demanding more mobility to connect anywhere, anytime, and with any device
  • Easy Maintenance & Operation

As a pioneer and technology leader, DYMEC has been working closely with its customers and partners to deliver world-class networking solutions. We help our customers overcome the challenge of meeting the ever-increasing need for bandwidth capacity while improving service delivery and lowering network costs for critical applications. 

DYMEC key differentiated features include:

  • Invented, Designed and Built the 3170 Traffic Switch
  • Multi-lingual Industrial Switches
  • KY-1-Button for Easy Maintenance and data backup for Ethernet switches
  • Free configuration for Partner Programs
  • Expanded Trade In Policy
  • Dual Power Inputs
  • Cyber-Secure Video
  • Clean Code Technology
  • SFTP Software Downloads
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Fully Surge Protected Ports and Power Inputs
  • Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Location (HazLoc)
  • NVIDIA Edge Computing & Analytics

We "Thank You" for supporting our company.