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DY-5844S - DYMEC SERIAL LINK (Singlemode)

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DY-5844S - DYMEC Singlemode SERIAL LINK

DY-5844S fiber single-mode fiber converter: The main function of the DYMEC Serial
Link is the photoelectric conversion of RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 signals. This series of
products realizes long-distance transmission of RS-232 or RS-485 or RS-422 through
optical fiber. Fiber optic converters use optical fiber as the transmission medium, it has
the advantages of isolation high voltage, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-
lightning and so on. They are widely used in various industrial control, distributed data
acquisition and other occasions, especially in power system automation, traffic control
and other departments. 

UL, CE, FCC, IEEE, IEC, ITUT, NEMA, Substation & Digital Substation, Switchgear

IEEE 61850-3 Used in Electrical Substations & Distribution

IEEE 1613 Used in Electrical Substations & Distribution

EN50155 Used in Railway & Transportation

EN50121-4 Used in Railway & Transportation

NEMA TS-2 – Used in Traffic Signal Control Systems

Comes as a Complete Kit - Including DB9 Cable / AC Power Supply

Supports RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 / Opto-Isolation

◆ Power - DC 9~ 30 Volts / Kit includes AC Power Adapter

◆ Signal flow is automatically identified and transparently transmitted.

◆ High Accuracy optical transceiver module to ensure transmission distance & reliability.

◆ The baud rate automatically adapts without changing the user protocol.

◆ Rugged Industrial design, uses all surface mount technology.

◆ Certified for Power Station, Sub-station and Switchgear usage.

◆ Kit include DB-9 Cable

◆ Din-Rail

◆ Power Consumption <1 Watt

◆ Temperature Hardened: -40C ~ +85C

Fiber Port 1310 Nanometers / 20 KM Distance

5 Year Warranty

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